Adopt A Bench

Adopting a bench offers the opportunity to have a plaque with your inscription placed on an existing bench in Riverside Park. We invite you to join those who have adopted a bench in Riverside Park to celebrate weddings, recognize birthdays, remember loved ones, and mark other special occasions and milestones.

Currently, an Adopt a Bench Sponsorship is $7,000. The donation can be made in multiple payments within a twelve month period by an individual or group of donors. Should the total amount not be reached within one year, all contributions will be designated to support the general fund for the care and maintenance of Riverside Park. No portions of any donations are refundable.

Adopt a Bench Sponsorships are 100% tax-deductible.

Matching gifts are accepted.

A portion of your donation will support the upkeep of the bench and it surrounding landscape for at least ten years.

Riverside Park Conservancy and New York City Department of Parks and Recreation reserve the right to temporarily alter or relocate benches.

Contact Nicole Brostoff at (212) 870-3077 or with any questions.

Adopt A Bench proceeds go directly back into the park to support ongoing maintenance and comprehensive horticultural care, enable free public programs and events, fund capital improvements and restoration projects, and ensure the overall health of the park.

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