Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was formed in 2019. We ask members to make an annual gift to the Conservancy every year, to help us expand our reach in the community through events and social media, and to join us for periodic meetings to share guidance and feedback as engaged neighbors.

The Advisory Board brings together a dynamic group of professionals and families who use and love Riverside Park, share the Conservancy’s core values, and are focused on elevating the park experience.

If you would like to learn more, please email Nicole Brostoff at [email protected]

Advisory Board Members

Mark Aaron
Dennis Adler
Laurel Barry
Leslie Bazos
Nick Bazos
Claire Botnick
Elizabeth Caputo
Max Carpenter
Rodrigo Carvalho
Austin Chang
Lynn Cole
Joel Denny
Cecily Denny
John DiMieri
Carter Henry
Thomas Hou
Farnaz Kaighobadi
Jack Klein
Toren Kutnick
Sarah Leshner Carvalho
Julia Levy
Tom McNeil
Rochelle Meddoff Levy
Michael Mintz
Michael Nadler
Andrew Rigie
Jordan Salberg
Matthew Siegel
Rebecca Spitz
Laurie Stempler
Kristian Stiles
Josh Vlasto
Scott Wilson