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Male, 5 yrs


Male, 5 yrs

Cheech and Chong

Dream Vacation: Costa Rica

Favorite Pastime: Having the munchies

Pet Peeve: Rushing

Listens To: AM radio

Dream Date: Moseying through a public art gallery, holding hooves

Biggest Fear: Losing inspiration

Cheech is an all around laid-back goat. The herd knows they can count on him for some perspective and some laughs. In what he refers to as “his past life,” he was a dentist, but he admits to a few cavities himself, as he can’t seem to stay away from the snacks. A plant-based diet this summer will do him some good, he told us.

Chong is Cheech’s partner in mischief, and they tend to balance each other out. He is a much more “high-key” than his counterpart, and full of ideas. He’s always jazzed up about his latest creative endeavor. Together, he and Cheech spend their mornings basking in the sun, scheming on their next project and philosophizing about what it all means.