City Allocates $11.5 Million to Repair Riverside Park’s Infrastructure

By Anastasia Galkowski  |  December 6, 2019  |  Featured News
The Mayor and the NYC Parks Commissioner have allocated $11.5 million toward studying and fixing Riverside Park’s drainage infrastructure, with particular focus on the most severely impacted area between 108th and 116th Streets.
In summer 2019, The New York Times wrote a detailed piece about the severity of the problem, and the Conservancy has worked hard over the past year to advocate with the city to get this urgent issue addressed.
This is the first time the city has invested in this critical infrastructure since the 1930s. The funding will fix the chronic flooding and erosion that happens after every rain – and maximize the Park’s capacity to absorb storm water, which is a vital function of city parks.
One of the most important roles of the Conservancy is to advocate for Riverside Park, and to push the city to do more. We could not have achieved this latest victory without our neighbors. Please consider making a donation to the Conservancy so we continue our advocating for Riverside Park.