City Has Allocated $348 Million to Repair Riverside Park’s Infrastructure

By Anastasia Galkowski  |  May 6, 2021  |  Featured News, News
The City has allocated $348 million to address the deterioration of the “overbuild” — more commonly known as the roof of the Amtrak Tunnel between 72nd and 123rd Streets — in Riverside Park.
Failures in the overbuild have damaged pathways, limited access for vehicles, and created a condition of disrepair in the Park — and the problems have gotten much worse in recent years. While the City has not yet developed all the project details and timeline, I expect that that will happen soon.
This $348 million, in addition to the already allocated $200 million for the Rotunda project, $90 million for the Boat Basin, $10 million for pathways and staircases, and $11.5 million for drainage, totals well over a half of a billion dollars in investment in Riverside Park. That is the largest investment in Riverside Park since the 1930s, and we are grateful to the Mayor, to NYC Parks Department Commissioner Silver, and to NYC Department of Transportation for prioritizing this critical work.
And while the Park still has enormous needs to be met — bathrooms, pathways, walls, stairs and playgrounds — this is an important and necessary investment that will ensure the Park is in top condition and accessible for generations to come.
As the last year has shown us, our parks are truly essential for the health of our communities – and we are so glad to see the City take this major step for Riverside Park.