Construction Updates – November 2020

By Anastasia Galkowski  |  November 11, 2020  |  Featured News

This page was last updated on 11/10/20.


Riverside Park South Phase 6. Phase 6 – the final stage of Riverside Park South construction – stretches from 59th to 65th Streets. This last phase of the park will introduce a large, multi-use athletic field, basketball courts, new entry points at 64th and 62nd Streets, accessible ramps, and improvements to the entrance at 59th Street. Below is a schematic drawing of Phase 6 (click image to enlarge).

Like the first four phases of the park, Phase 6 is to be constructed by the Riverside South developer. The developer is securing permits and finalizing preparations to begin construction in late 2020 or early 2021. Phase 6 construction is expected to take approximately two years.

Hurricane Sandy RepairsNYC Parks Department is repairing shoreline and pathway damage in several locations with funding from FEMA.

  • Fort Washington Park @168th Street Now complete, this project restored several hundred feet of riprap and reconstructed the waterfront pathway.

  • Riverside Park South @ 59th Street This post-Hurricane Sandy project included a new and more substantial seawall, augmented riprap, and reconstruction of the hex-block shoreline pathway.  Work is completed for the fall and the path is now open.
  • Cherry Walk Reconstruction @ 105th Street. Shoreline reconstruction and pathway repaving at several points necessitated the temporary closure of Cherry Walk. Work is expected to be complete by early December.

Riverside Park South Natural Ballfield & Greenway Reconstruction. The NYC Parks Department is currently making improvements from 69th to 72nd Streets. When finished, this project will provide better pedestrian and bicycle access, a reconfigured dog run, and new seating on Pier I.  And a Parkour gym will replace the unimproved area behind Pier I Café. This work began on October 1, 2020 and will take approximately 18 months, but sections will be opened on a rolling basis, to be enjoyed as soon as they are ready.

For now, cyclists may share the waterfront with pedestrians up to 76th Street, and then reconnect to the usual Greenway path. Map below for reference (click to enlarge image).

Stairway Reconstruction @ 102nd StreetThis NYC Parks Department project will completely reconstruct the stairs west of the Promenade at 102nd Street, reopening a key access point to the Field House and athletic area.

Riverside Drive Bus Stops. The NYC Parks Department has finished reconfiguring and improving several bus stops along Riverside Drive between 100th and 123rd Streets. These improvements provide easier access to buses and safer street crossings. The bus stop and pathway work is complete. The contractor will return in early 2021 to relocate a catch basin south of 104th Street.

Skate Park @ 109th Street. This summer, the new street-style portion of the Riverside Park Skate Park at 109th Street opened and is already full of committed skaters. The NYC Parks Department is working to complete the new skate park, which will include an 11′ deep bowl. Work is expected to be finished before the end of 2020.

Sakura Park Stairs Reconstruction. The NYC Parks Department is reconstructing the stairs connecting Sakura Park and Claremont Avenue. The project will include a new foundation and a reset of the existing granite steps and walls. This project is slated for completion in September 2021.



Rotunda Reconstruction @ 79th Street. This major infrastructure restoration is a joint project of the NYC Parks Department and the NYC Department of Transportation. This landmark 1937 structure is the architectural centerpiece of the Park’s Moses-era expansion. The traffic lanes, restaurant level, and operations garage will undergo a complete reconstruction and will include restoration of the magnificent central fountain. Work is expected to begin in early 2021.

Staircase Reconstruction @ 107th Street. The City has no funds budgeted to repair the staircase at 107th Street, but thanks to a generous donor, the Riverside Park Conservancy will undertake this critical project and reopen this key access point, which connects the Park entrance to the Promenade.

Drainage Infrastructure Project @ 108th – 116th Streets. This $11.5 million City project will begin to address some of the chronic flooding and erosion that is undermining the landscape and infrastructure in this area of the Park.  It will begin with an engineering study, design work, and a first phase of construction.

Dog Run Improvements @ 142nd Street. This NYC Parks Department project will greatly improve conditions at the dog run,  including the addition of new fencing and surface, a reconfigured entry point, and a much needed water source.