D.O.G. Fest (November 17)

November 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
74th Street Track by the Riverside
Anastasia Galkowski

Come join us for a day of fun and play as we introduce dog owners to some new activities that will strengthen your bond with your pet and introduce you to something new, all while supporting Riverside D.O.G. (“Dog Owner’s Group”) and dog friendly initiatives in the Park. This is a participatory event! There will be three rings hosting five different activities all day long. Enjoy mini class, practices runs, competitions, and more in the following activities.

  • AGILITY. Agility is an obstacle course including jumps, tunnels, ramps, that a dog and their handler run together.  It is easy to start but can also be run at a more advanced level.
  • CANINE PARKOUR. Your walks with your dog can become more fun when the Park and everyday objects become your agility course. Stop walking past objects – instead, run over, under, around and across them and have more fun!
  • K9 NOSEWORK. Let your dog take you into their world as your dog takes the lead and you learn how to find scents together.  Let your dog take you into their world and be amazed at your dog’s natural ability,  Dogs love this game!
  • GAMES COMPETITION. Compete in a new game every hour! Win a show ribbon and go on to compete for Best in Show. Games include recall races, musical chairs, limbo, and more.
  • DOG YOGA. Take some time to unwind and stretch between competitions and take a class in Dog Yoga. This class will teach you yoga and at the same time train your dog on skills such as relaxation and relationship building. Downward facing dog position is appreciated but not required for this class.

Suggested donation of $10 to attend and $10 to participate in each event. Organized by the volunteer-led Riverside Park D.O.G. (“Dog Owner’s Group”), all proceeds from this event go toward improving spaces and amenities for dogs and their people throughout Riverside Park.