Goatham 2019

Meet the G.O.A.T. of 2019

Vote-the-Goat election results were revealed at the first annual Riverside Park GOAT Award Ceremony on August 1, 2019

Since the day of the Riverside Park Goats’ arrival on May 21, they captivated the hearts of New Yorkers. After munching through two acres of parkland and schmoozing with fans at the fence line, thousands of votes were cast among the 24 goats in our “Vote the G.O.A.T.” (Greatest of All Time) election. The 5 winners received a medal, a trophy, and, of course, a bouquet of weeds. George Shea of Major League Eating was the official inspector, assessing eating performance and confirming eligibility of the contestants to receive their prizes.

#1 Massey was named the official G.O.A.T of Riverside Park. President & CEO Dan Garodnick presented her with an elaborate bouquet of weeds, a trophy, and a medal, as she was met with the flashing of cameras and a roar of applause from the crowd.

#2 Chalupa came in at a close second, and tried to snatch a bite of the winner’s bouquet in protest of the results.

#3 Buckles charmed his way into third place.

#4 It wasn’t a surprise to see Bella, always a favorite, in the top 5 running.

#5 Skittles was in fifth place, and headed back to Rhinebeck after the ceremony. He didn’t have a comment for the press.