By Sabrina  |  May 9, 2019  |  AppOnly


Male, 4 yrs


Male, 4 yrs

Max and Ben

Former Career: Radio host

Listens To: Shakira

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate-covered cherries

Past Career: Broadway singer

Celebrity Crush: Neil Patrick Harris

Pet Peeve: Talking with your mouth full

Max likes it spicy — he can munch down an acre of poison ivy when he’s “feeling out of control.” This goat has a voracious appetite.  He is always ready for adventure and romance, known among the herd as a Romeo, to some a heartbreaker.

Ben is always putting on a show for his friends — he’s quick with a joke and very popular among the herd.  But beneath his outgoing, goofy exterior shines a heart of gold — his empathetic nature is welcoming to even the shyest kid. He’s always hoped for a pet, ideally a kitten, and thinks this might be the year.