Patch: Riverside Park To Revamp Neglected Areas In Harlem, Wash Heights

By Anastasia Galkowski  |  September 17, 2020  |  Featured News, News

Riverside Park north of 120th Street has seen years of neglect and disinvestment, which has led to great disparities in amenities, cleanliness, and overall conditions between the Park’s northern and southern tiers. The Conservancy is determined to address that – so this year it launched a fundraising campaign for our North Park Initiative.

The Conservancy’s North Park Initiative is not new; it was created it in 2009 to focus time, advocacy, and resources on the part of the Park bordering West Harlem from 120th to 155th Streets, as well as the shoreline portion of Fort Washington Park through 181st Street. Rather than hold a traditional gala in 2020,  the Conservancy has asked our neighbors to step up to do something meaningful to address this serious park equity issue, and to help us bridge the gaps.

The 2020 fundraising campaign far exceeded expectations, with more than 500 new donors to the Initiative and over $140,000 raised in just two months. The Conservancy plans to make several near-term improvements north of 120th Street thanks to this outpouring of support, including brand new adult fitness equipment, playground equipment, and the introduction of a Bike NY Community Bike Education Center at 158th Street.

You can read the full Patch article here.