Tiemann Place

One of the unique features of Riverside Park South is a historic train locomotive — a literal reminder of the site’s history as a former train yard. No. 25 is a 60-year-old, 95-ton engine that most recently labored on the Brooklyn waterfront. Now in its retirement, it is the centerpiece of a plaza at 62nd Street, and a play destination for young and old alike.

The 69th Street Transfer Bridge was part of the West Side Line of the New York Central Railroad. It served as a dock used to transfer railroad cars from the rail line to car floats which crossed the Hudson River to the Weehawken Yards in New Jersey. Today, it is no longer in use, and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

A work-in-progress, the Pollinator Meadow lives directly north of the 119th Tennis Courts and a growing diversity of plant species helps to support many pollinating insects.

Forested area that supports many species of birds and wildlife. Includes walking trails for people to enjoy!

Scenic and popular path for pedestrians and bikers to use along the river.