Sports Camp FAQs

What is our rain policy?

Answer 1- For Baseball, Basketball and Flag Football programs we have two indoor facilities that we use and are split based on age of the camper. The location of the indoor facility is provided in the orientation packet, as location can change from year to year.

Answer 2– For Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball we have indoor facilities directly across from the 101st Soccer Field in the park. All of Tennis minus half day pm campers and all of soccer minus campers ages 10 and above will report to this indoor facility, all other will report to PS 75/ PS166, with the hopes of getting the campers on the fields for outdoor play. If it is light rain the children will play through and take breaks under the tents.

What is the multi-sport camp schedule?

Answer One sport in morning and one in afternoon, all week long. The switch in sports happens before the campers have lunch, so that once the camper finishes lunch they go straight into their next sport. Multi-Sport campers are not grouped differently from the campers attending the sport for the whole day.

Do you provide lunch, and how does lunch work?

Answer – A camper is allowed to bring their own lunch even if he signs for half day. However the camper should be picked up by 12:30pm. For a fee of $60 for the week a camper can be provided with a lunch that provides a nutritious, balanced meal catered by Ellington in the Park Cafe located in Riverside Park. The lunch program is not suitable for campers with food allergies, who are kosher or gluten free. To see our camp lunch menu, CLICK HERE.

Where is drop off and pick up?

Answer 1 – Check in and pick up are at 104 Street and Riverside Drive for Baseball/Basketball and any multisport that involves Baseball or Basketball first.

Answer 2- Check in and pickup take place on the 101st Soccer field for programs that have Soccer, or multi-sport with Soccer as the first sport.

Answer 3- Check in and pick up take place at the 102nd street quick start tennis courts for programs that have Tennis, or multisport with Tennis option first. Check in and drop off for ½ Day Tennis pm is on the 96th street clay courts.

Answer 4- Check in and pick up take place at the 105th Hudson Beach area for programs that have Volleyball to start, or finish with Volleyball.

When is it too late to bring the camper for the day?

Answer– A camper should be at camp by 9am to ensure a full day of programming. With communication to the camp we will allow youth to show before lunch at 12:00pm.

Is there medical staff on-site?

Answer – The camp employs 2-full time certified athletic trainers to cover the camp for any medical issues. In addition to the athletic trainers the senior coaches and management are trained in CPR/First Aid. 

How are campers grouped?

Answer- Our campers are given an evaluation Monday morning and grouped by experience level first and age second.  We believe the best way to learn and improve is to play with other campers of similar ability. While we try to group friends together in the same divisions it is not guaranteed.

What if my child decided they want to do a different sport?

Answer- Campers can change from one sport to another as long as the sport the camper wants to change into has the capacity. Changes will not be honored after Tuesday afternoon and it will cost $50 per slot changed whenever the switch occurs.

What happens during late pick up?

Answer– Late pick up takes place from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at a cost of $100 per week. The campers have the opportunity to get more training on whatever was learned for the day at a smaller coach to camper ratio. The coach also sets up structured sport games if there are enough campers, and for those campers who want to sit out there is that opportunity as well.

When will I receive details?

Answer- Around Wednesday of the week before. we want to ensure enrollment has closed before sending out the details, but can get general information of the website

Can we do partial weeks/individual days?

Answer -No, the camp is a weeklong camp, and the curriculum is based on the attendance of a week, as the program is a progression of skills culminating to games on Friday. We avoid the singular days and partial so your child can have the full camp experience.

Can my child try a day first before I sign up to see if my child likes it?

Answer –For the soccer program there are trial upon request for Soccer only, and are scheduled typically for Tuesdays and it is for a two hour span. All other programs do not offer a trial.

What is the typical size of a group/ what is the coach/child ratio?

Answer – The max number of kids per age group really depends on the total number of campers in the camp for the week. We typically do not have more than 15-20 kids per age group to keep the group manageable and safe. Overall we typically have between a 1:6- 1:8 ratio depending on the age of the group.

What is the deadline to register?

Answer- There is not set closure date of registration, but there is a late fee incurred of $50 per registration if the registration is done after Friday the week before your camper’s start date.

How many sets of uniforms will be given?

Answer 1-Soccer- 2 shirts and 2 shorts should be given of the same size for the week to the camper. If the camper is signed up for more than 2 weeks of camp, a second set will be given to the camper.

Answer 2– Baseball- 1 hat, three shirts unless doing multiple weeks and then the parent can request additional uniforms.

Answer 3– Basketball- 1 hat, 2 reversible basketball jerseys

Answer 4- Tennis/Volleyball- 3 camper shirts unless doing multiple weeks and then the parent can request additional uniforms.

What snacks do you offer?

Answer- We offer a variety of nutritious snacks that do not contain tree nuts and are typically certified Kosher and gluten free. The family also has the option of packing a snack to provide the camper as well.