Trail Blazers Riverside Park

Our partnership with Trail Blazers offers a day camp program at Riverside Park for youth. This experiential learning program will nurture your camper’s appreciation for the environment while making memories and learning skills to last a lifetime. 

This eight-week program will run from July 5-August 27, 2021 and is designed for campers ages 3 – 7. Campers can also pick and choose individual weeks to attend.

This camp transforms the Park into a classroom with hands-on science experiments, group play and group challenges, team building, nature exploration, art, and lots of singing. Each week offers an environmentally focused theme, from “Camp ROCKS” to “It’s EASY being GREEN.” We’ll learn all about our planet, all the living things it is home to, and how best to take care of it!

More than that, each day your camper will develop their ability to care for themselves, their friends, our community, and the environment.

Trail Blazer’s programs are designed around small group experiences. Campers enroll into the same small group for the full summer. We believe that challenges are essential to a child’s ability to grow and include team building activities each day. Through these activities, campers learn how to work together, how to problem solve, and in turn build more meaningful relationships with one another.

Learn more about the program here. And you can register here!