We Fixed It: 97th Street Step Ramp

By Sabrina  |  November 15, 2018  |  Featured News, News

97th Street step ramp before repairs

Before repairs

97th Street step ramp after repairs

After repairs

As you may have noticed, Riverside Park’s step ramp at 97th Street was badly damaged in a flash flood caused by heavy rainfall this past summer.Rather than wait for this to get repaired – sometime, someday – the Conservancy stepped up to fix it using the funds we have raised from neighbors over the past year.Working side-by-side with the NYC Parks Department, we were able to restore full access, replacing the bluestone pavers and putting them on a new concrete foundation. The project was finished within two weeks. New York City’s parks are faced with the uniquely challenging conditions of an urban environment, and as the reality of climate change continues to increase the severity of storms, our parks and their infrastructure need more support than ever. Riverside Park’s position as a waterfront park makes these factors all the more urgent. That’s why the Conservancy strives not only to continuously improve this space through hands-on restoration projects, but to also advocate for ongoing investment from the City.