Whether you’re a novice garden or expert horticulturalist, whether you can volunteer every weekend or only have a couple of days each month to spare, one of these volunteer opportunities is sure to fit your skill level and schedule.


ParkTenders are the backbone of our horticultural program. These dedicated volunteers with horticultural knowledge make a long-term commitment to maintaining existing green areas, park entrances, steps and walkways.

ParkTenders devise their own schedules and participate in planning and setting goals for their adopted areas. This program of public space maintained by private citizens is a distinctive feature of Riverside, reflecting the community’s dedication to the park.



The PlacePartner Program was developed for individuals who wish to work in one particular location, but are unable to volunteer on a regular basis. PlacePartners work as aides to existing ParkTenders or as part of a pre-existing volunteer group that tends a specific area. This is a great opportunity for volunteers looking for time flexible volunteer opportunities, who want to work in one location, and/or who are looking to expand their horticultural knowledge.



Are you enthusiastic to help but don’t have much gardening experience? Have a busy schedule and can only volunteer periodically? Then this is the volunteer opportunity for you!

A ParkRover is an on-call volunteer who helps out when and where he/she is needed in the park. ParkRovers are the muscle of our horticultural program and help with large-scale restoration, mulching, planting, weeding, raking, and painting projects. As a ParkRover, you can volunteer throughout the park as needs emerge and work alongside our skilled horticultural staff and other volunteers.


Interested in Becoming a ParkTender, PlacePartner or ParkRover?

Our next virtual Volunteer Orientation is on Monday, August 15, 2022 from 5:00-6:30pm. Email to RSVP!

If you’d like to start volunteering before the orientation, you are welcome to attend any of our open volunteer days (usually held once a month). Check out our Events Calendar for more information!

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