More Trees. Less Trash.

Introducing our bold, but simple new campaign: “More Trees. Less Trash.”

Our goal is to plant 120 new trees alongside Riverside Drive, and install 60 new solar-powered trash-compacting receptacles throughout the Park. Your support will mean a greener and cleaner Riverside Park.

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<More Trees.

Imagine Riverside Park without trees. It wouldn’t be the same beautiful green space we all love – trees make the Park a welcoming, verdant, and comfortable place to be. Throughout our 6-mile stretch, we have 26,000 trees, crucial for battling the climate crisis and for our mental well-being. They offer shade and a break from the hot New York weather, essential as we combat rising temperatures and urban heat island effect.

Did you know a mature tree can store 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually? Trees also absorb up to 150 gallons of water per day, reducing storm runoff. From supporting wildlife to improving air quality, trees offer countless benefits. With your help, we can bring in new trees and provide better care for our urban forests. It costs $1,000 to plant a new tree in the park. We have 120 empty spots along Riverside Drive, waiting for new trees to take root.

>Less Trash.

No one wants to use rusty trash barrels that signal neglect of cleanliness. That’s why Riverside Park Conservancy is tackling trash head-on. We aim to transform rusty barrels into high-quality, upgraded bins, strategically placing them where they’re needed the most, especially in the park’s northernmost areas.

In 2024, we want to install 60 new, solar-powered trash receptacles, designed to compact 10x their holding capacity. These garbage containers eliminate windblown and pest-strewn litter, preventing pollution in our river and creating a cleaner environment for everyone. With fewer collections, we’re able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions – spending less time collecting waste means more time improving our green space!

While it costs an average of $3,400 for each top-notch receptacle, we’re in luck. The Conservancy has secured an extraordinarily generous matching grant for 30 Big Belly cans, totaling $100k. To maximize this opportunity, we need your help. Please support our campaign for less trash as we work to make our Park community cleaner and more inviting for everyone.