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2019 G.O.A.T. Award Ceremony

Thursday, August 1 | 11AM
120th Street & Riverside Drive

Riverside Park’s goats have been so efficient at clearing the area, that we decided to give them all a very well-deserved midsummer paid vacation back in Rhinebeck. This short hiatus will allow for re-growth, which is part of the long-term plant eradication process. A group of goats will be back on the job soon, with four fresh stomachs each, and will stay for the rest of the summer. In the meantime, remember to vote the #GOAT and help us determine who will get to come back to finish the job!

The New York City nickname Gotham – meaning “goat town” in Old English – was popularized by Washington Irving in 1807. Though originally meant as a put-down, New Yorkers embraced the name. “Goat town” was an apt description of the undeveloped Upper West Side where goats used to roam.

Today, it applies once again.

On Tuesday, May 21st Riverside Park Conservancy is bringing a herd of goats to Gotham, to create Goatham – a hard-to-access area in the northern part of the Park. The goats, who have all retired from former careers, are from a local farm. They will take up residency for the summer on sloped terrain that is rife with invasive plants. Since goats are naturally effective weed whackers, putting than to work in Goatham is like treating them to an all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s hearty for the goats and good for the environment.

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