Completed Projects

Plaza renovated with new bluestone

Repairing Riverside Park

In addition to providing year-round horticultural care and free public programs in Riverside Park, the Conservancy also raises money to deliver repairs and improvements.

The Conservancy is able to raise funds for discrete projects — we are often able to get them done quickly and effectively.

You can see a list of Conservancy and NYC Parks Department projects that are currently underway and others that are in the design phase.

Equipment breaks up pavement in preparation of a repaving project

New York City’s parks are faced with the uniquely challenging conditions of an urban environment. As the reality of climate change continues to increase the severity of storms, our parks and their infrastructure need more support than ever. Riverside Park’s position as a waterfront park makes these factors all the more urgent, and we are eager to continue providing much-needed fixes throughout the Park.

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Recent Projects Completed By The Conservancy


Staircase Repair @ 83rd Street In 2022, the Conservancy repaired the staircase at 83rd Street. This project involved installing a new concrete foundation and bluestone pavers at the stair landings to match the original materials, as well as repointing the adjacent granite walls and addressing drainage issues. This improvement was made possible by a generous private donor.

Monuments crew fixes the Firemen's Memorial at 100th Street
Monuments crew restores the Firemen’s Memorial at 100th Street

Staircase Repair @ 107th Street In 2021 the Conservancy repaired and reopened [will need to revisit this before website launch to make sure it’s done] the 107th Street staircase next to the 107th Street Peter Jay Sharp Volunteer House. This is a key access point, and the Conservancy laid a new concrete foundation, installed new bluestone, and reopened the stairs to the public.

Firefighter’s Memorial @ 100th Street In the fall of 2021, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, the Conservancy provided the equipment and supplies needed for NYC Parks’ monuments crew to clean, repoint, and repair the monument. Work was finished within a month.

Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Plaza @ 83rd Street The Conservancy fixed the bluestone pavers surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial in 2021. This plaza also serves as the entrance of a high-traffic pathway in the Park.

Pathway Reconstruction @ 83rd Street In 2021, the Conservancy repaved of the pathway west of River Run Playground.

Inside of the Field House in Riverside Park

Pathway Reconstruction @ 138th Street In 2020, the Conservancy fully repaved the pathway at 138th Street. This path is an important access point used heavily by bikers and pedestrians, and the repair was completed in just a few weeks.

Step Ramp Repair @ 110th, 112th, and 114th Streets The Conservancy fixed three step ramps simultaneously, all of which serve as important access points to navigate the Park. The work was done in only a few weeks.

Field House @ 102nd Street The Field House was completed in 1937 and renovated in 1964, but was gutted by fire in the 1970s and sat empty for more than forty years. Working with several private donors, the Conservancy and the NYC Parks Department restored the structure, renovated and opened public restroom facilities, and installed brand new basketball courts outside. In 2020, the work was done, but has not yet opened for public use.

When it opens for public use, the space will provide the Park with a large indoor facility that will serve as a central location for public recreational and athletic activities. The Conservancy plans to offer a variety of cultural, educational, and health and fitness programming in the Field House throughout the year. The building will also enhance the use of existing athletic fields in the surrounding area.

Pathway Reconstruction @ 95th Street The Conservancy fixed the path along Riverside Drive at 95th Street and replaced the damaged pavement with new bluestone pavers.


Waterfront Pathway @ 83rd Street The Conservancy did an overhaul of the pathway and tunnel at 83rd Street. In a matter of only six weeks, we repaved paths, installed new fencing, repainted the tunnel passage, and planted new trees. You can see coverage of the project on NY1 here.


People fix the surface of a staircase

Step Ramp Repair @ 97th Street In 2018, a step ramp at 97th Street was badly damaged in a flash flood caused by heavy rainfall. The Conservancy replaced the bluestone pavers and put them on a new concrete foundation. We fixed access point was fixed within three weeks.