Park FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call 311 to report issues directly to the City or write to and we will forward the information to the appropriate party.

  • Please call 311 for sick or injured wildlife.
  • For injured birds, call the Wild Bird Fund at 646-306-2862.
  • If you are concerned about feral cats in the park, please contact Neighborhood Cats

Where are the bathrooms located?

  • Pier I Café – 70th Street; portable restroom
  • Classic Playground – 75th Street near the river
  • Neufeld (Elephant) Playground – 76th Street & Riverside Drive
  • River Run Playground – 83rd Street near Riverside Drive
  • Hippo Playground – 91st Street near Riverside Drive
  • Riverside Clay Tennis Courts – 96th Street at the river; portable restroom
  • Dinosaur Playground – 97th Street & Riverside Drive
  • Ellington in the Park (café) – 105th Street on the lower level
  • 119th Street Tennis Courts – 119th Street on the middle level
  • General Ulysses S. Grant National Memorial Viewing Pavilion – 122nd Street & Riverside Drive (across from Grant’s Tomb; below the Pavilion)
  • Claremont Dolphin Playground – 124th Street behind Grant’s Tomb
  • Riverbank Camel Playground – 143rd Street & Riverside Drive
  • Ten Mile River Playground – 148th Street, west of Riverside Drive
  • 172nd Street at the river

Most events, concerts, organized sports and gatherings of 20 or more in the Park require a permit. Find out more information on the NYC Parks website:

Additional info below:

Ballfield Permits
Required for organized leagues or use of the fields for special events

Special Event Permits
Required for any park event with 20 or more participants
If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Phillip at

Tennis Permits

Skate Park Waiver
Required to use the Riverside Park Skate Park

Film and Photo Shoots
For questions about filming, please contact Nicole
If you have any questions, contact Nicole Phillip at

Other Park Permits
Metal detector permits and other miscellaneous activities

Go to our interactive map page and search what you are looking for to find out where it is in the Park!

Yes! There are four passive recreation areas in the Park where no dogs, no radios and no team sports are allowed.

  • Linda’s Lawn – 66th Street near the river
  • South Lawn – 73rd – 75th Street near Riverside Drive
  • North Lawn – 80th – 82nd Street near Riverside Drive
  • Sakura Park – 122nd Street and Riverside Drive