Cinnamon Female 5 yrs Swirl Female 5 yrs Hidden Talent: Sculpture Dream Date: Skydiving Pet Peeve: Curfews Favorite Musician: Lil’ Kim Biggest Fear: Getting stuck in an elevator Dream Vacation: Miami Cinnamon and Swirl come as a package deal, and…Read More


Winston Male 4 yrs Favorite Movie: HackersFavorite Snack Food: Cheetos Pet Peeve: Slow Internet connections When Winston isn’t tending to the fields of Riverside Park, he can usually be found on his own playing video games. While most of us…Read More


Sunday Female, 5 yrs Dream Date: A secret garden Listens To: ABBA Secret Talent: Getting babies to stop crying Sunday finds fulfillment in the simple details in life. After years spent climbing up the corporate ladder, her life took a…Read More


Stewey Male, 9 yrs Listens To: Billy Holiday Past Career: Astronaut Secret Talent: Fantastic dancer Stewey is considered the “Grandpa” of the herd, and he was an astronaut in his past career.  He is well known by goats the world…Read More


Specks Male, 4 yrs Former Career: SalesFavorite Pastime: Relaxing Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching the Real Housewives of NY Specks is considered the fashionista among the herd — he is coming to Riverside Park from a former career in the fashion…Read More


Skittles Male, 8 yrs Celebrity Crush: The Green M&M Past Career: Body builder Hobby: Cooking Skittles knows he’s handsome and loves attention. Some people say that the most dangerous place in Riverside Park is between Skittles and a camera. He…Read More


Reece Female, 6 yrs Celebrity Crush: Hugh Jackman Favorite Color: IndigoAstrological Sign: Leo Reece has always had the makings of a star, and couldn’t be more excited to come to the Big Apple. She caught the acting bug when a…Read More


Mella Female, 7 yrs Astrology Sign: Gemini Secret Talent: Plays guitar, prefers electric Mella loves hot pink and high heeled shoes. As a former model, she admits that gardening isn’t the most glamorous, but loves the feeling of digging her…Read More


Max Male, 4 yrs Ben Male, 4 yrs Former Career: Radio host Listens To: Shakira Favorite Dessert: Chocolate-covered cherries Past Career: Broadway singer Celebrity Crush: Neil Patrick Harris Pet Peeve: Talking with your mouth full Max likes it spicy —…Read More


Massey Female, 10 yrs Dream Vacation: Wine Tour Favorite Pastime: A luxurious day at the hoof salon Listens To: Edith Pilaf Massey is one of the eldest of the herd. A self-proclaimed optimist, she’s been heard to claim “the grass…Read More

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