West Side Spirit: Planting season in Riverside Park

The Conservancy was featured in the West Side Spirit, as volunteers planted over 18,000 bulbs and hundreds of shrubs throughout the Park in just two weeks’ time this past October. http://www.westsidespirit.com/local-news/20181108/planting-season-in-riverside-park

We Fixed It: 97th Street Step Ramp

As you may have noticed, Riverside Park’s step ramp at 97th Street was badly damaged in a flash flood caused by heavy rainfall this past summer.Rather than wait for this to get repaired – sometime, someday – the Conservancy stepped up to fix it using the funds we have raised from neighbors over the past year.Working side-by-side with the NYC Parks Department, we were able to restore full access, replacing the bluestone pavers and putting them on a new concrete foundation.Read More

97th Street step ramp after repairs

Yucca filamentosa,
“Adam’s Needle”

“Adam’s Needle” is the common moniker for this native southern plant that has been naturalized in the northeast by gardeners. Yucca filamentosa scratches a lot of horticultural itches (almost literally). This trunk-less evergreen shrub produces a rosette of blue-green leaves that form…Read More

RPC Appoints Dan Garodnick as CEO & President

RIVERSIDE PARK CONSERVANCY APPOINTS DAN GARODNICK AS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND PRESIDENT Longtime public servant will lead Conservancy effort to expand its work caring for 400 acres of waterfront parkland from 59th to 181st Streets. The Board of Trustees of…Read More

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