142nd Street Dog Run

142nd Street and Riverside Drive

142nd St Dog Run

Hamilton Heights residents have been rallying for a community dog run for decades. The 142nd Street Dog Run has built upon the path paved by those before them to create an inclusive community dog run. Supported by the NYC Parks Department, the Riverside Park Conservancy, Councilman Mark Levine’s office, several local community groups, many local businesses, and countless neighbors, the 142nd Street Dog Run finally succeeded in opening its gates in June of 2016. This space has truly been created through a grassroots effort, which has brought together many diverse individuals, families, and puppies. The 142nd Street Dog Run aims to be an inclusive and safe space for everyone, and invites dog lovers from all over NYC to join us in our fun.

As of 2018, local park users have begun organizing officially to gain a permanent status in Riverside Park. This advocacy has resulted in new lighting for both the Dog Run and Camel Playground next door, regular volunteer events to clean up the surrounding area, and significant improvements to the experience of all park goers.

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