Riverside Park D.O.G.

Riverside Park serves a large and diverse community of dog owners who value its dog runs and enjoy the off-leash hours, pathways, scenic views, and the neighborhood feeling the Park provides.

Riverside Park D.O.G. (“Dog Owner’s Group”) is a volunteer-led affiliate of the Riverside Park Conservancy dedicated to working with the Conservancy in its efforts to make the Park more inviting for dog owners and in its efforts to maintain and improve the Park. Riverside Park D.O.G. includes dog owners who use the dog runs, and many who do not, but all believe we can achieve more by working together. Our efforts include: advocating on behalf of all dog owners, advising the Conservancy as needed on issues of concern to dog owners, and providing support for dog friendly initiatives through our fundraising efforts.

We are currently fundraising to enable the Conservancy to hire a high-quality (and dog-friendly) maintenance employee who would assume responsibility for maintaining the dog runs and perform other work as need like providing snow and ice removal to ensure the dog runs and off leash areas remain accessible during the winter months.

Help support our goal by clicking the donation button above and making your donation now. Or look below and join us at one of our upcoming fundraising events this fall. Sign up for our mailing list below or email us at mail@riversideparknyc.org to stay updated and get involved.

Upcoming Events