Tiemann Place

Tiemann Place

Tiemann Place Gardens is park area east of Riverside Drive extending from the north end of Sakura Park, opposite the International House, to the south abutment of the 125th Street Viaduct.

It is an area of varied terrain. Much of the Tiemann Gardens are on a steep incline and shaded by mature oak trees and residential buildings. This landscape, which used to be covered by trash and English Ivy, has been transforming into beautifully tended to gardens of native plants. These gardens support diverse wildlife year-round. From early spring through late fall, nectar and pollen rich native plants provide food to bees, butterflies and other animals. In winter, the seedpods of the plants feed birds, and the full landscape provides safe shelter and nesting for wildlife.

Tiemann Place Gardens not only beautify the community, but also provide a haven for diverse wildlife.

We are grateful to the steadfast volunteers who dedicate their time and skill to caring for this important part of Riverside Park. Email [email protected] if you would like to get involved!

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